Bits ‘n Pieces…

Spending two plus weeks searching for Route 66 artifacts is generally fun. Fun, that is, if both hunters are in the search together.

Well, as the end of the journey got closer I could see that I was into it but, my companion was ready to say “enough”.

Lesson #1 is get complete buy-in! Lesson #2 is you’ll never get complete buy-in! Ok, so what does one do? This is a touchy. It calls for cajoling and sincere promised that the last day is indeed the last day–I’m sure you all know the drill — right?

Now, I’d like to share a variety of photos because I find them interesting and entertaining (please forgive any redundancy with past blogs):

Saw this car in Springfield, MO — loved Ghostbusters:

Seen in an antique store in Joplin, MO — reminded me of my childhood — my paternal grandma always had 7up on hand in the small bottles — really fit my hand:

Reminiscent of family road trips from my youth — anyone ever go to the”Dells”?:

Isn’t this the truth about life in general?:

Being silly isn’t a bad thing — yeha:

Look pretty normal — right?:

Eating a wonderfully greasy, incredibly sweet piece of a gooey Winchel’s apple fritter is one of life’s great joys; and one we can only enjoy in LA! — yummy!! — thank god!:

Love this “forever” photo — and driving across the USA:

Talk about diversity — where else but in California can one see a street sign in English and Chinese for a Latino hero:

These grapes were right off the truck:

Halloween and “Day of the Dead are closing in on Christmas in popularity:

This was in the movie 500 Days of Summer:

Love the idea of large food halls:

Really loved eating at this place in the food hall:

Great Chicken!

Sorry, couldn’t help myself — this made me laugh:

Gotta love Toy Story — saw this in traffic in LA — funny:

Best donuts ever — in Portland, OR and now at Universal City:

City Walk at Universal Studios is craaaazy!:

Spent a day at the USC science museum–in the spider house — the spider is almost three inches in length — it’s fed worms daily and is blind — so we were told:

Loved seeing these skeletons too!:

And these as well — an amazing collection:

Nothing could top the day, except smelling roses — if you are like me you mourn the scent less flowers we buy in most flower shops. There was a garden adjacent the museum with hundred of fragrant roses — for a little while I was in heaven:

Saw a TV shoot with ” Ice Cube” for NCIS LA in downtown LA — bang, bang:

That’s it for now!


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3 Responses to Bits ‘n Pieces…

  1. Sue says:

    Interesting bits and pieces from the crazy rabbits in that monarch ad to the pieces of the not so lucky birds.
    Your patient traveling companion is lucky King Kong was not real- the way she stands out in a crowd she would have been the next Fay Wray.
    Yes 7up was always on hand or ginger ale for when we got sick-why I never liked them- they remind me of the stomach flu. But pop tastes so much better in the tiny GLASS bottle.
    Nope never been to the dells-too far for Mom with all of us-she only drove up north. Always on the agenda for Max & I- but never made it.
    Yes LA like San Fran – many worlds collide on the coast.
    (Did have a bit of diversity here once- Davina & the vagabonds doing their ragtime jazz on Cinco de Mayo dining on quesadillas at Kip’s Irish Pub. Just saw her at Red Wing’s theater grand re-opening-beautiful place with some great concerts coming up for you & your companion- for a not so long road trip.)
    Any of those old bones from the La Brea tar pits? was on my agenda in LA but was not on my pal’s so did not make it there either.
    You picked a good time to be away in the sun- been raining all October.
    Enjoyed tagging along via the blog. Thanks

  2. Judy McConico says:

    Thanks for sharing. What an awesome trip with so many sites & memories – & windshield time :).
    Hope you had time to visit with Monique & she is going well.

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