Where am I?

After flying for nearly 10 hours I finally arrived in:

Yup, I’m right here in beautiful Budapest (two cities — one is Buda (south of the Danube and Pest (Pesht) to the north. For over two days I’ve wandered over 20 miles which included going on a “free” tour of both sides of the river. The guide was Regi, who learned to speak English as a teenager:

We met her in front the tallest structure in town — St Stephens Basilica. She took us literally everywhere–and I have proof:

If you rub his tummy you get sexually enhanced — really!! That’s why his belly is so very shiny:

Ok, this is Hungarian Folklore or is it?

The statuary of the city is almost everywhere and most it is paid for by the European Union — perhaps we need to join so the USA can improve the look of its cities:

Regi took us through all nooks and crannies of the town:

Plazas–this was in front of St Stephens:

A Ferris wheel called “Eye”– sorry London–at least is half the size of the original:

The Chain Bridge:

A monument to the Black Plague survivors:

and Mathias Church which high above the Danube in Buda. Its unusual to have a non-saint name placed on a Catholic Church. Mathias was a king, hence a non-saint:

As an added bonus the Church has crow on on of its turrets that holds a gold ring– representing Mathias becoming king:

Squint and pretend you can see it!

With that thanks Regi for introducing me to this delightful city!!


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