Bratislava, where is it?

On our way we traveled through the first lock:

It took forever because we had to wait for others to pass first– it was pretty cool once we entered:

After a few hours we were on our way again!

The visit to Bratislava was short, but sweet! Half a million inhabitants. Most were at work (we arrived at 2:30 or so). And it rained for a short time, like 10 minutes.

It’s home to a gigantic space ship:

It’s a restaurant that landed on a bridge years ago! So now you know where Slovaks came from — yes!

Just kidding of course, or am I?

As with all European cities–plazas take precedent because pedestrians take priority over vehicles.

I liked this sculpture in the plaza and in other places too:

As well as this piece that represents St Martin helping a beggar:

and this one — a sewer worker looking up dresses from a manhole:

and this one — a 10 foot crown on a church steeple that represents the coronation of a king:

perhaps this one — created to signify the end of the Russian occupation:

The buildings also look like sculpture:

or this church:

and lastly this government building:

Franz Liszt, a Hungarian composer spent some time in Slovakia — every Slavic country wants to claim him as their own:

Toward end of my visit I saw these fellas enjoying, well, you be the judge:

Needless to say they were animated!

So off once again.


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