Lookin Forward to Vienna

Four years ago I spent Thanksgiving in Vienna. This time I had a day! And it was marvelous!

The visit began with a walk around the city. One is quickly reminded of why Vienna looks like a mini- Paris:

broad boulevards and wonderful buildings:

Filled with monuments to royalty like the above dedicated to Empress Maria Therese who ruled the Austrian-Hungarian empire in the 18th century. Bet you didn’t know she birthed 16 kids over 19-years. This included the birth of her youngest daughter — the infamous Marie Antoinette the future queen of France. She lost her head during the revolution because her French subjects refused to eat cake or so some say!

Even statues of Hercules abounded see four below as the hero is showing why is a crowd favorite:

Huge — right?

Here is one hundreds of fountains that commemorate Marie’s rule:

Ever hear of little group called the Vienna Boys Choir–their personal performance hall for over two centuries– they mustn’t be boys anymore is located in the same complex located in the same building:

The hall is part a church located in the backside of this building.

It’s fairly private – only the royal family could worship here until the end of WW I — the monarchy ended with war because there was no royal family after the war:

This entrance is to the same building. It is the chapel located in the coronation building — built over 300 years ago — this picture shows the entrance and its gate (original entrance). Look close, there are two spots above the opening that once worked as pulleys that raised or lowered at the behest early rulers. See two items near the top of the door opening:

this is all that’s left of the moat which is below the to the right of the gate:

Under most of the old city (under the buildings) one can find Roman ruins–this walk is nearly 2,000 years old:

So beautiful!

Next time I’ll mention other special things seen in Vienna.



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