Snowbirding in Tucson

I’ve never been to Tucson, AZ. until now!

Officially, I’m here to attend myriad of Gem Shows that occur every year in Arizona. But the show(s) don’t really be begin until later this week. So some tourism is in order!

Today we went to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum:

This is a beautiful area that is combination of topography and fauna:

and flora and fish:

Hiking around the grounds made us very hungry.

Thanks to a friend we chose to eat at the Octollio Cafe and was it incredibly good! See what we ate:

A spinach-mushroom burrito;

Chicken-avacodo dish;

and flank steak with sweet potato fries and plantains;

and finally the best BLT I’ve ever eaten! So good I didn’t eat dinner tonight.

On to the GEM shows!!


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1 Response to Snowbirding in Tucson

  1. Rob Smolund says:

    Tom, Thanks for previewing the town I will be moving to within the next year. Can’t wait to try the Ocotillo Cafe in a couple of weeks when we visit.

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