City of Lights

Los Angeles can be overwhelming especially if one dislikes traffic. Still, it has much to offer if you decide to go.

We took a number of excursions during this particular visit. The first was linked to Oscar weekend. LA being a company town takes this event seriously. We went to Hollywood to see ground zero:

It takes your breath away—right?

I confess seeing the stars planted along Hollywood are a treat to see even if they’re a bit dirty:

This was the day after he died. Flowers were everywhere.

But I digress — we were here to see the Dolby Theater — Oscars home:

The theater is actually in a mall, of sorts, with all types of touristy shops:

Jimmy Kummer’s does hid nightly program from the “El Capitan” theater.

One shop in the mall was fun to tour:

Called appropriately “Sweet”.

It was a tourist trap and candy shop rolled into one:

A crazy looking auto!
Candy as it should be!
Elvis gold records for sale.

Still, seeing the red carpet and all the other accoutrements for the big show is definitely a highlight:

Closed for the show!
Past best picture winners.
The red carpet!

Sure, Hollywood is past it’s prime and even a bit seedy. But it is still Hollywood; home of the stars!

Unabashedly nostalgic!

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