On the road again

I left Crescent City about 12:30 today heading for Klamath, CA. This part of the trip involves traveling through the redwood forests along the Pacific coast. Wow, this stretch of the road is simply awesome! And so were the climbs–there were two large mountains to cross near Klamath and just prior to reaching Orick CA. 0f, course going downhill was rather thrilling as I hit speeds in excess of 40 mph–mostly in a hanging fog!

During today’s ride I met some fellow cyclists who hailed from Switzerland. Since I am partially Swiss I was excited to chat them up. Corrine and Erick are from Zurich and their trip has virtually mirrored my own except they flew to Seattle from Europe.

They are headed to SF before they head home. I have attached photos we (I) took in the Redwood forest.

Tonight I am staying at the “Palm Motel” in beautiful downtown Orick. This is the heart of the former Redwood lumber industry. Since the trees are now protected from harvest tourism is now the main industry here. The area really lacks the energy one usually expects in a tourist area.

As of tonight I am 305 miles from SF where i fully expect to reach by the end of this week.

So far it has been a grand trip!20120730-001727.jpg


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