I love fried chicken!

Northerners knew little of southern fried chicken until it was introduced nationally in the 1950’s by Colonel Harland Sanders.  My traveling partner sat down to chew the fat with the old “Smoothie”–love the tie:

Yup, I’m talking about Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Traveling through Corbin, Kentucky one must stop to see the original store.  This is a scale model of the site back in the 1940’s:

The site was a motel, filling station (Pure Oil was common until the late 1960’s when it became “76” stations) 

and a restaurant. This sign designated the site and some of the original menus are shown below:

Sanders Cafe wasn’t known for its fried chicken just yet.  The Colonel transformed the cafe/restaurant with his “secret recipe” for fried chicken — check out the prices:

Sanders wasn’t a spring chicken when he accomplished world domination via fried chicken.  

Few realize that KFC (the legal name) is the top American restaurant in China and that its parent company aptly titled YUM! Brands is located on Colonel Sanders Lane in Louisville, Kentucky.  

What a feather in the Colonel’s cap.


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1 Response to I love fried chicken!

  1. Susan Peltola says:

    Pure Oil-hope that is not what the Col. fried the first batch in.

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