Loving the Western

Who would have guessed that Ft. Worth, TX would be the site of a “Lonesome Dove” reunion — who does 27-year reunions anyway?

Well, the fact is most of the Lonesome Dove cast and crew have gathered to relive and celebrate that 1989 four part mini-series.  As with most things Texan today’s panel discussion had to be moved because so many folks sought to attend.  Once again the term “everything is bigger in Texas” holds true — the orginal venue was simply too small so it was changed to the TCU college campus. Together with 250+ of my closest personal friends and I enjoyed almost two hours of conversation between some of the lead actors interspersed with film clips that stoked latent memories of the creation of the film.

The panel was the first of many for this week — all will be taped for a later showing at the upcoming Austin, TX film festival planned for October of this year.  I do love westerns making today’s event was a real treat. Heck, even for the most cynical the interaction between the actors and the audience suely was fun and informative to watch.

Because the film was completed in 1989 all the speakers reflected a somewhat tarnished patina.  But this did little to erode my starry-eyed attention.  Viewing Robert Duvall, Danny Glover, Ricky Schroeder and Chris Cooper on a dias discussing their recollections of the movie and its impact on their lives is unforgettable. In the audience were Diane Lane, William Sanderson, D.B. Sweeney and others — all had been in the film and were expected to participate in week of festivities.

The following are photos of the event — the actors are from the left Duval, Schroeder, Cooper and Glover:

 These folks talked easily and with no apparent swagger.  Duvall in particular seemed comfortable in his skin — I had to pinch myself — he is a Hollywood legend having appeared in “To Kill a Mockingbird”, the first “True Grit”, both “Godfather” films, “The Great Santini” and “Apocalyse Now”.  Their stories were entertaining and heartfelt.   

Each spoke with humility, humor and with a true respect for the Larry McMurtry, author of the book “Lonesome Dove”.  Side note: did you know that McMurtry also wrote the book “Terms of Endearment”.  Talk about ying and yang!


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2 Responses to Loving the Western

  1. Sue says:

    Have yet to see Lonesome Dove-do not tell my cousin in MT-she LOVES it. I was working nights in 1989 and westerns are not my bag. But to speak to Mr. Duval-my brother tangoed with his wife when they were here promoting their film about the Argentine tango at the International Film Festival. My brother is a tango lover like many other Finns.

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