Whiskey Junction or Bust!

What a gorgeous day — spring in Texas is the best.  The temps were in the mid-70’s with not a cloud in the sky.  I rented a bike at Mellow Johnny’s and off I went with my cycling partner.

The main biking venues are along and across the Trinity River.  Betsy Price who is the mayor of Ft. Worth is also known as the “bicycling mayor” for her support of cycling.  In fact, every Friday she holds what are commonly called “cycling meetings” as she bikes around Ft. Worth meeting with constituents.  

There are at least 75 miles of shared bike paths — nothing is bike only.  The Trinity River at this time of year is not very high.  Surrounded on all sides by dikes due to annual periods of flooding all the paths lie atop the dikes.  The dikes protect the city from floods that have wracked the city since its inception.

The good and bad thing about traveling by bike is that one sees more and smells more than travel by motor vehicle.  The good things include cranes, egrets, cormanents, ducks and turtles in or near the water.  Since these creatures are common to my home state I was more enamored with the wild flowers, cacti and aloe plants that seemed to be everywhere we traveled out to the country.

 Below are Bluebonnets, Colorado Gold, Prairie Milkweed and cacti.  I’m told that the flowers will all be gone before the end of April.


On the final leg to Whiskey Junction:

 After grabbing a bite to eat we finished up our ride–51 miles.  As I pulled into my partner’s driveway I felt something different and rather unique for this time of year — 

I raised my sleeve and saw SUNBURN:  

The first one always feels a bit different, even a bit exotic.  Ah yes, summer ca’t be far behind, right?


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3 Responses to Whiskey Junction or Bust!

  1. Wonderful Tom; Glad you enjoyed the Texas sun. I can’t help but look at those flowers and not think of Mothe Maybelle Carter pickin and singing Wildwood Flower.

  2. Sue says:

    ah yes-Blue BONNETS -so pretty-I have been calling them bluebells.

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