Be Careful Out There

My traveling companion and I have driven over 80,000 miles in the past six years as we visited most of the continental US and Canada.  In all that travel we have had one flat tire in Door County Wisconsin — until yesterday.

Driving from Medford, Oregon via Grants Pass to the Northern California coast drivers are frequently warned to watch for falling rocks.  In fact, most mountain states car trippers receive the that very same warning.  Imagine our surprise when a rock fell off a mountain south of Grants Pass striking the windshield of our car.  It sound like a cannon went off.  The net result was this:

Fortunately no one was injured; the car sustained no additional damage.  But we were “in the middle of nowhere” so locating a shop to replace the windshield was a challenge.  We ended up driving 250 miles to Redding, California to get a replacement.  Good thing we have some flex-time built into our schedule–right?

Guess I’ll need to take all those warning more seriously!



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I'm retired. Travel a lot.
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1 Response to Be Careful Out There

  1. Julie F Hunt says:

    Glad both you and your partner are fine! I bet you have a new appreciation for shatter-proof glass.

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